Sika and BCS supported customers in all aspects, whether on-site, with online presentations, or in virtual meetings. In this opportunity, BCS celebrates the accomplishments and success of great meetings with Miami International Airport Consultants and the Architect Firm of MDC.

BCS, Building Construction Solutions is focused on offering all the SIKA SOLUTIONS for any project in South Florida. Last week we presented 3 different solutions for each type of case with the warranty and knowledge of the VIP Technical Support Team of Sika USA. That’s why we are the YOUR ONE STOP for SIKA SOLUTIONS.

Currently Projects 

Let’s talk about our first project related to Waterproofing Concrete and Parking Deck at Miami International Airport. 

Left:Eric Muench. Director of Prod. Mgmt. Center: • Brad Weil. East Regional Sales Manager, Right: • Charlie Marriaga, Southeast Regional Manager


BCS and Sika presented the systems and solutions with proven and satisfactory experience in infrastructure works that Sika offers for the repair of concrete and waterproofing systems in parking decks

For this meeting assisted the Top-level Regional and National Managers of Sika Corp USA:

  • Charlie Marriaga, Southeast Regional Manager, Commercial Refurbishment, Sealing, and Bonding.
  • Brad Weil. East Regional Sales Manager, Resinous Flooring at Sika USA
  • Eric Muench. Director of Prod. Mgmt. Sealing and bonding, Traffic Coatings, Waterproofing.

On Building Construction Solutions side:

  • Gerardo Baricelli. BCS Manager, Civil Engineer, experience in business development and construction. 
  • Angel Baricelli. BCS Director.  Chemical Engineer, experience in the Petrochemistry Industry, and experience in business development and construction. 

Another great presentation we had was about RoofPro and SikaTile for balcony, coating roof and parapets systems at Miami Dade Public School

In this meeting, we counted on the assistance of the Consulting Technical Team from SIKA USA: Amanda Fuentes, Roofpro Lam. Ken Jhonson from SikaTile, Gerardo Baricelli Manager of BCS and Angel Baricelli Director of BCS. This presentation was about the systems available for coating roofs and parapets (RoofPro). On the other hand, we explained all the benefits of Sikatile for waterproofing systems in decks, pool decks, parking garages, and different types of amenities.

Another great project is solid waste loading and transfer zone or area. In this opportunity, we visited the Solid waste area of Miami Dade County to present solutions for Sikafloor and Epoxy Floor Systems. The Team technical support was led by Juan Leon, Brad Weil East Regional Sales Manager, Resinous Flooring at Sika USA, and Gerardo Baricelli, BCS Manager 

Another great achievement of this month was our presentation “Leaning from the experts” where we joined important consultant in Miami Dade County counting on the support and knowledge of Juan Leon (Sikafloor), Michael Roberts, Interior Finishes and Ken Johnson (SikaTile), Amanda Fuentes (RoofPro) and BCS team Gerardo and Angel Baricelli

The last meeting was the same goal of “Learning for the experts” but this time with an important Developer and GC (General Contractor). We counted on the assistance of Amanda Fuentes and Ken Johnson


What is in the market?

In the market there are different brands of self leveling, in our case, BCS (building construction solution) We are the authorized distributor of Sika and sell and distribute only Sika Products.

Sika is not a “one solution fits all” supplier. We will work with your design team to understand your facility needs by area and recommend the optimal floor and wall systems taking into consideration your budget, time allowance and esthetic requirements. With a wide range of base resin chemistries to choose from, you can be certain your system meets your immediate and long term needs.


What BCS as Sika Distributor can do for you?

As BCS unique service we can provide this value for your convinience: 

  • In stock even on weekends
  • Delivery even on weekends
  • Material supplies  in stock
  • Regular Train and Capacitation, Job Site Support
  • On call Technical Support


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