Plazas are an important feature for many buildings, providing the welcome ambiance of an outdoor area for people to gather and re ect. Often times these locations include seating, walkways, trees and shrubs. The wearing surface for plazas is usually architecturally signi cant and frequently consists of architectural colored concrete or a paver system. Plazas commonly function as the roof of an occupied space directly below, and thus are waterproofed to protect the structure, property and occupants below from water and moisture penetration.

Choosing the right waterproo ng system for plaza decks is one of the most important decisions you will make on your project. While plazas are exposed to similar challenges that roofs and facades face, they also must withstand heavy pedestrian tra c and sometimes even vehicular tra c. They are often exposed to ponding water and de-icing salts. Future access to the waterproo ng system below is more di cult because of overburden which typically consists of the wearing surface and landscaping—and repairs can be very costly. Flashing details are complex as the various elements converge at the structural deck level, where the waterproo ng system resides. All of these challenges require a waterproo ng system with a proven track record capable of standing up to these demands for years to come.

Sika has been the preferred waterproo ng system architects, consulting engineers and building owners have looked to for plaza deck applications for more than 30 years. Sika o ers a wide range of waterproo ng solutions that include single-ply and liquid-applied membranes, as well as polyurethane and silicone sealants—all designed to perform even under the most challenging circumstances.